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About Us

Positive Solutions for Success is passionate about helping people of all ages learn, grow, and become a better version of themselves. As we all know, happiness does not grow on trees. Like a seed that is planted and nurtured, happiness and success can take root within all of us. The more we plant the seeds of a healthy lifestyle, the happier we will become.

Founder, Jill Larson, knows this to be true, not only from current research, but also from her personal experience. She attended her first leadership and life skills program when she was 15 years old. After learning some basic life skills, she quickly turned her “C” grades into “A”s. Despite her challenging childhood circumstances, she used her new-found skills to become the student that she always had the potential to be. All she needed was the self-confidence and life skills that were unfortunately, not taught in schools. Jill was soon elected “Prefect” (Student Leader) by her high school peers at the age of 16. She earned a scholarship and finally graduated second in her class. This might not seem impressive unless you consider that Jill was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. Even though Jill found life and school to be filled with challenges, thanks to learning leadership and life skills, she never gave up!

As an adult, she continued to read countless books filled with leadership and life skills. She attended numerous seminars and hired Fortune Management to coach her and her husband for four years. Simultaneously, Jill completed an advanced business leadership program at the University of Vermont, produced “The Wellness TV Show,” operated several successful businesses and raised two boys. She contributes all of her happiness and success to the positive solutions that she has learned over the last 40 years. The details have been summarized in her workbooks so that others may also learn how to live their lives filled with joy and success.

Positive Solutions for Success’ Total Wellness Programs provide curriculum that teaches people of all ages healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety and depression while raising positive thoughts and behavior. Our workbooks include tips and action steps to promote emotional wellbeing, raise confidence and help everyone break through their self-limiting beliefs. We offer tools used to facilitate personalized learning and methods to adopt growth mindsets. As we navigate our complicated lives, we can benefit from learning natural ways to become more emotionally healthy. Our workshop materials will help you increase the quality of your health, wealth and relationships. As a result, participants will build a stronger foundation for their future. May everyone enjoy Positive Solutions for Success!

Positive Solutions for Success is a health, wealth and relationship program that is owned by The Larson Family Foundation’s Larson Natural Health Center, based in Sarasota FL. Founder, Jill Larson has been in the health and wellness business for over two decades. She is a Certified Career and Life Coach and has completed her training with The Life Purpose Institute, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. Her life skills lesson plans can be facilitated in person or online, one-on-one, with a group, in a workshop, via Zoom or on the phone. Each workshop is customized. Workshop materials are for teens, families and professionals, businesses, schools and organizations.

Organizations and People We Support

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Suncoast
  • Living with Dignity Homes
  • The Out-of-Door Academy
  • Hoosac School
  • Girls Inc.
  • and countless individuals and families that we have had the honor to serve
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters